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This Detroit Bar Will Give You Punk Rock Gatsby Vibes

Imagine if the roaring '20s also came with an edgy rocker attitude.

The glitz and glam of the 1920s might be returning 100 years later as we enter the new year (hopefully without the financial devastation). We should all celebrate by making a toast in a Detroit bar that Gatsby and Daisy would have loved. This place is in the Southwest part of the city and it's in a neighborhood that you should definitely start hanging out in. 

You'll immediately notice the art deco themes when you approach the bar. The geometric shapes and lush fabrics in vibrant colors make you think of an older time while also bringing something new and exciting.

This bar feels luxurious and high-end, but the prices are some of the lowest that you'll find around Detroit.

A craft cocktail that you'd expect would go for at least $12 is more like $8 here

The staff is extremely friendly and will help you find a new favorite drink.

It has an industrial feel that makes you think of a train station. The ceiling is exposed and the bricks painted a dark gray create the perfect setting to get cozy with a date or get a little rowdy with friends. 

The walls are decorated with vintage posters of horror movies and punk rock legends. 

The bar has also hosted art exhibitions in the past and some of the statues will freak you out in a good way. 

This installation was by Detroit's artsy duo Hygienic Dress League and it's pretty impressive. It was on display last year, but it does give a lot of excitement about what collabs might happen there in the future. 

This cotton candy dreamland of a bar is another vintage-inspired spot that you should check out. 

Bagley Central Bar

Price: 💸💸

Cuisine: Craft beer and cocktails

Address: 2545 Bagley St., Detroit, MI

Hours: Closed on Monday; Open 4 p.m. - 2 a. m. Tuesday - Sunday

Why You Need To Go: This bar serves amazing drinks in a luxe atmosphere for very reasonable prices.