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This Magical Michigan Cafe Is The Trippiest Spot For Brunch

You won't be able to pass by this bright building without wanting to stop in for a bite.
Detroit Restaurants Include This Whimsical Vegetarian Cafe

When you see a building from the road that is this vibrant and unique, you know there's going to be something interesting on the inside. Once you enter the Psychedelic Healing Shack & Vegetarian Cafe those suspicions will be confirmed, in the best way possible. Detroit restaurants often offer a lot of character and ambiance, but this takes the cake. 

You can eat lunch or dinner here and have either coffee or a real drink with it, depending on your mood. 

The menu changes often and is often dependent on the fresh ingredients the cafe has that day, but you'll always be able to ask the friendly staff questions about their options. 

In the past, they've served items like a tempeh burger, vegetarian nachos, and paella. Basically you never know what you're going to get, but you can be sure it will be good and that you'll eat it with good company. 

They have a wide range of teas, herbs, and items that are meant to get you in touch with your spiritual self for sale. They're curated by the owner of the cafe, Dr. Bob. 

You can drink the diverse array of teas in some of the sweetest teapots shaped like coconuts or modeled after traditional Japanese teapots with intricate designs. 

There is a meditation garden outside complete with a babbling brook and bubbling fountain. It's amazing that a building on one of the busiest streets in the state can cultivate such a peaceful atmosphere for mindfulness. 

This colorful restaurant is one of many unique spots in Michigan. This '50s diner, mechanical museum, and Edgar Allan Poe coffee shop really spark the imagination. 

The cafe is something of a gathering place for people in the area who have a deep interest in connecting with others through spirituality. It hosts frequent drum circles and musical performances that bring people together. 

Psychedelic Healing Shack & Vegetarian Cafe

Price: 💸

Cuisine: A wide range of vegetarian and vegan options from a rotating menu. 

Address: 18700 Woodward Ave., Detroit, MI

Why You Need To Go: This one-of-a-kind cafe offers great food and even better company. Find your zen at this vibrant eatery. 

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