Bar-hopping can get old fast if you're visiting the same places every weekend. Maybe you're looking for some adventure or mystery to spice up the nightlife. This speakeasy in Detroit might be just the place to visit next time you find yourself staring into the same boring cocktail. 

This bar is quite hidden in a little alley between Griswold and Woodward. If you're wondering where to park, one Yelp user suggests the garage above Avalon Bakery on Woodward and State. 

In the alleyway, the entrance is marked only by a dark gray door with an illustration of a snake on it. Next to the door is an almost ominous neon red light that portrays an eye and some other symbols.

Not only is this place actually hidden, but it gives off such a vibe of secrecy and magic because of how it's decorated. The glowing eye that greets you once you've entered the bar lets you know you're somewhere special. 

The bar opens at 5 p.m. and that's also when they start taking down names for the evening.

You can't make real reservations in advance, you can only call in on the day of. If you're going to have a larger group, make sure to call. They are only able to accommodate parties of six or less. 

Everything, from the bottles that hold the liquor to the shakers they use to mix drinks, feels whimsical. If there are wizards living in Detroit, this is where they hang out on Friday nights!

Their signature cocktails are all based on mysticism and have very interesting names like "The Seer" which is supposed to bring knowledge, vision, and truth. Did you know that cognac and Queen Bee royal jelly honey could do all that?

This is the kind of place to stop in for one drink to either start or end your night since it can only hold about 30 people and can get crowded. 

Anyone that doesn't think Detroit is cool should spend a night at Bad Luck Bar and then reconsider that opinion. 

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Bad Luck Bar

Price: 💸💸💸

Cuisine: High-end craft cocktails 

Address: 1218 Griswold St., Detroit, MI

Why You Need To Go: This place has some of the most inventive cocktails you've ever seen. It's a cozy place to go for a date or a toast with your friends.