The Marche du Nain Rouge is a tradition in this city that reminds you why this city is such a special place. Although this parade is similar to Mardi Gras in that we also love a good party, the celebration is distinctly Detroit. Residents of the city are the main attraction so make sure to come dressed to impress (or terrify). 

Everyone meets at noon on March 22 in full costume to march seven blocks down 2nd Ave. towards the Masonic Temple. Once the procession reaches the end of the road, it's time for the serious parties to begin. 

There will be deals happening in tons of stores and restaurants in the Midtown area so there are plenty of spots where you can continue the festivities. 

In the past, some of Midtown's most fun bars, like Founder's and Detroit Shipping Co. have created exclusive drinks and had live entertainment. 

Last year, you could also purchase some exclusive Marche du Nain Rouge merch or get awesome discounts on leather goods and art supplies. 

The nain is a demon creature that's been harassing the people of Detroit and this is our chance to drive him from the city. 

The origin of the little creature is a complicated story but it dates back to when one of the city's founders was cursed by a "red dwarf."

New Orleans has gold, green, and purple, but we have red and black. Come dressed in your demon finest to scare away the little guy terrorizing the city. 

People wear scary masks, capes, huge headpieces, but don't be afraid to let your imagination run wild. Just about any costume you have in your closet will do the trick. 

You can also experience Detroit's exuberant spirit by looking at the public art throughout the city, like the one-of-a-kind Heidelberg Project, the murals in Eastern Market, or the transformed trash at Lincoln Street Art Park.

You can just see the excitement about the community on the faces of everyone walking in the parade. From the detailed floats to the high-energy bands and dancers, you'll know for sure why everyone living in this city is so passionate about it. 

Marche du Nain Rouge

Price: Free

When: March 22

Address: Meet at noon at the corner of Canfield St. and 2nd Ave. next to the Traffic Jam & Snug (511 W Canfield St, Detroit, MI). 

Why You Need To Go: If you're looking to understand the passion that Detroiters feel for their city, this is a great starting point. This parade is right after the first day of spring and it's the perfect excuse to run around outside and have fun with your friends.