Have you ever left your house in the winter just hoping that the drive to work is going to go smoothly? Road conditions in Detroit can be a tricky part of the morning commute and a new update to the Waze app is here to help you out this season. 

Waze revolutionized the navigation game when it debuted over a decade ago and then cemented its place in our home screens when Google purchased it for a billion dollars in 2013

Now Waze is innovating even more in our own city of Detroit. The app is partnering with a local news station, WWJ News, to bring citizens info about whether or not roads in the city have been plowed. 

This is an awesome development since there's nothing worse than driving to work in the morning just to find out that you have to go 15mph in order to drive safely over fresh snow on an unplowed road. 

The radio station will still be reporting road conditions over the radio and that's where Waze is getting their data from. It's an awesome collaboration between a tech company and a local news source!

When you view the app, you'll be able to see which roads have been marked plowed or unplowed by other users. That's how the whole system works.

It's drivers helping out other drivers so everyone has the safest commute possible.

With the new update, you can find this feature under Hazards --> Weather --> Unplowed Road.

You can also look online here to see this information on your computer before you head out to brave the snowy roads.

Waze already has a ton of great features that make the road a safer place and we just love to see drivers helping out other drivers.

Others around you can mark where they see speed traps, accidents, closed roads, and tons of other things so that you can make it to and from work with less hassle. 

Although, make sure that you're not looking at the phone too much while driving since that does defeat the purpose a bit!

Definitely check out this update next time we're hit with a couple of inches of tricky snow.

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