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You'll Feel Like You're In A Fairytale At This Enchanting Castle In Michigan

Enjoy this French chateau right in the midwest!
Things To Do In Michigan Include Visiting This Enchanting Fairy Tale Castle

Fairy tale castles & whimsical towers are something that might come to mind when you imagine Europe or an amusement park, but the middle of Michigan? It's probably not your normal picture of the midwest. If you're looking for unique things to do in Michigan, then visiting this castle is an excellent place to add to your bucket list.

The Curwood Castle is located in Owosso, Michigan and the inside of the building has been converted into a museum that covers the story of the castle & its previous owner, James Oliver Curwood.

The museum tour includes a great room that many writers and filmmakers used to hang around in. You can even see the stage where actors auditioned to be in the film adaptations of Curwood's great adventure novels.

This room is straight out of the 1920s & includes much of the original furniture and decorations that belonged to the writer.

You'll really feel like you stepped into a great piece of history in this castle.

The castle sits on the Shiawassee River where you can sit on a bench after your visit and soak in the sunset and nature that inspired the famous writer.

It only costs $5 for adults to tour this beautiful building too! We're ready to live out our fairytale dreams in this cute castle.

The author's life in this magnificent little place is actually pretty interesting too. 

Curwood's stories reached millions of readers in his time and the people of Owosso are very proud of this hometown hero. 

Curwood also spent a lot of time writing in a cabin that he constructed himself in the Canadian wilderness. Many of his novels were based on the beauty of nature that he witnessed there.

Once he became very well known, he began construction on this castle in 1922. The structure was inspired by French chateaus and provided a peaceful source of inspiration as he wrote while looking out over the Shiawassee River. 

Curwood passed away unexpectedly at the age of 49. 

The city of Owosso, Michigan is home to many other historic houses and there's even an annual tour of historic homes.

The castle is about an hour and a half drive northwest of Detroit and is well worth visiting at least once in your life.

An overview of Curwood Castle can be found below.

Curwood Castle 

Price: $5 for adults, $2 for children under the age of 10

Address: Open Tuesday - Sunday; 1-5 p.m.

Why You Need To Go: You can have a fun afternoon exploring a corner of Michigan and come home with a dreamy Insta pic!

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