You Can Enjoy Pizza At This Michigan Restaurant Underneath An Old Haunted Mental Hospital

Come for a ghost-hunt, stay for the delicious food.
Trattoria Stella Is A Beautiful Restaurant Underneath An Old Psychiatric Hospital

If your interests include paranormal activities, you might often find yourself dragged to dark forests or crumbling buildings, but this restaurant will give you luxury dining with just a side of the ghostly. You don't always need to go somewhere truly decrepit in order to get a little taste of the haunted. Trattoria Stella is a deliciously high-end restaurant that hints at otherworldly mystery, while still giving an excellent dining experience. 

The restaurant serves Old World Italian food with contemporary twists, but that vibe doesn't just stop at the menu.

The brick arches and cozy corners of this restaurant will transport you to a tiny restaurant in Italy as soon as you walk through the door. 

The dim candlelit nooks create the perfect spot for a special date night or the celebration of a major accomplishment. 

Much of the food is locally sourced and the ingredients are as fresh as the recipes are unique. 

Trattoria Stella is located in Traverse City. It's a beautiful place and the founder of the hospital that the restaurant now occupies knew that even a hundred years ago.

He thought that the tranquil beauty of the nature surrounding the grounds could cure a wide range of mental illnesses

There are of course stories of ghosts and curses that started to pop up once the asylum was abandoned, even though this was an institution that valued a humane approach to treatment. 

When you walked into the decaying rooms filled graffiti, chipping paint, and decaying furniture, it was hard not to feel the presence of something sinister and paranormal. 

These days, you won't find so much hard evidence of otherworldly presence, since most of the buildings have been renovated.

You can still visit some buildings on the ground that have been untouched by the new owners. 

That energy might still be floating around as there have been reports of strange voices, unexplained lights, and other spooky things since the renovation started

You can still visit some buildings on the ground that have been untouched by the new owners. 

You can make a reservation at Trattoria Stella here.

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Trattoria Stella

Price: 💸💸💸💸

Cuisine: Old World Italian with a contemporary twist

Address: 1200 W. 11th St., Traverse City, MI

Why You Need To Go: This is an extremely unique fine dining experience that combines a bit of novelty with a meal you won't forget.