You Can Kayak Down The Clearest Crystal Blue River In Texas

There's nothing else like this!
You Can Kayak Down The Clearest Crystal Blue River In Texas

As massive as Texas may be, there aren't many spots that are truly untouched and as pristine as they were hundreds of years ago. Most of the Texas landscape is privately owned or has been changed by years of urbanization. However, there is one absolutely gorgeous clear river in the Devils River State Natural Area that you can explore, and it is truly unlike anything else you can find in Texas. 

We highly emphasize that this river and natural state area are incredibly taken care of and preserved, so making the trip to the Devils River means you are prepared to leave it as you found it. The river is so clean and clear, the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department claims that Texas measures the clarity of water of the entire state based on the water of the Devil's River.

The Devils River State Natural Area is the only spot where you can publicly enter the Devils River. This makes for an entire day or weekend of a trip though, since there are tons of rolling hills, canyons, and camping spots to enjoy across the natural park. Lots of visitors go to the area just to go fishing there, as it is the perfect spot to reel in some fresh bass. You are also invited to go swimming at the crystal clear swimming spot on the river.

A trip out to the hidden natural state area is not for the weary, for it takes a long drive out through the rural hill country plus a mile and a half hike to the actual river itself from where you can park your car. This place is so pristine for a reason, and its because it's a tough spot to get to! But when you do, it's beyond worth the effort. And once again, please leave all trash and harmful substances at home and keep the area as clean as you can to make sure this spot stays as beautiful as it currently is.

The Devils River State Natural Area is opened to the public year round and is located at 21715 Dolan Creek Rd, Del Rio, TX 78840. If you plan to camp, kayak, or fish in the area, be sure to call the park's office in advance to make your reservation, for it is mandatory to do so.

We strongly advise that before you go swimming or visit any location, you check the most recent updates on potential hazards, security, water quality, and closures. If you do plan to visit a location, PLEASE respect the environment.