Everyone loves a good dinner party! You can chat with your friends and enjoy some delicious food. These summer chic dinner parties, called Diner en Blanc, are taking place at undisclosed locations across the globe! Want to join Diner en Blanc in Canada? Here's how you can get invited to this exclusive event!

Chances are, you've seen photos of Diner en Blanc before. It's a famous dinner event that started in Paris in 1988. The event began with a group of friends who decided to have a party at a secret location, and they all had to come in all-white clothes. Over the years, the number of attendees in Paris grew.

In recent years, Diner en Blanc gets an average of 10,000 people attending per year! Now, if you search for photos of Diner en Blanc, you'll find pictures of thousands of people flooding the streets of Paris dressed in white.

Today, Diner en Blanc takes place across the globe! Here in Canada, Diner en Blanc will take place in multiple cities including Toronto (August 7), Vancouver (August 8), Montreal (August 22), and Calgary (August 28).

To get invited to the event, you need to visit the Diner en Blanc website and register. For most of these events, there's a waitlist, but you might be lucky enough to score an invite to the party! If you're selected, you'll be sent the exact location on the day of the party.

Diner en Blanc has a dress code — you'll need to show up wearing an all-white outfit, and bring a picnic dinner. Everything about Diner en Blanc is designed to be super Instagrammable and fun. A guest of Toronto Diner en Blanc last year said, "It was definitely a great experience... had so much fun."

Part of what makes this event so wonderful is all the surprises. You won't know what will happen, or where it will take place! If you're curious to join Diner en Blanc this year, make sure to register now on the Diner en Blanc's website.

Diner en Blanc In Canada

Price: Depends on location ($45 - $55)

Address: Various (secret!) locations

When: Toronto (August 7), Vancouver (August 8), Montreal (August 22) and Calgary (August 28)

Why you need to go: This exclusive secret dinner party is the ultimate summer event!