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Disney+ Password Sharing Rules Has Users Upset With The Streaming Service

With so many streaming service options available these days, it seems impossible to choose which ones are worth subscribing to. The alternative that many people have come up with is sharing passwords amongst family and friends, cutting down on the amount that each person has to spend. So, many users were when surprised when they discovered Disney+'s password sharing rules went after this loophole.

Disney+ officially launched on November 12, and although the streaming service was so overwhelmed by demand on the launch day that the site stopped working, most people have breezed past this hiccup and continued to use Disney+.

The streaming service offers users a chance to relive their childhood with all the films from the Disney vault, the most amazing selection of Disney Channel series, and as an added bonus, all the Marvel and Star Wars films for fanatics to watch with the click of a button.

From the get-go, Disney+ has been transparent with users about its plan to crack down on password sharing between accounts. Essentially, this means passing your account information onto other people outside of your household so that they can use the service without paying the subscription fee.

The reason for doing this is simple — people not paying for their own account means less revenue for Disney+. Unsurprisingly, viewers don't necessarily agree with the rules.

"With streaming sites trying to cut down on password sharing looks like I won’t be subscribing to these services once that happens. I’m splitting the cost of Disney+ and Netflix right now because I can’t afford them on my own," one user tweeted.

"I’m reading the Disney+ password sharing rules and they actually don’t make sense. Seems suuuuper finicky," added another.

Yet another Twitter user also suggested that the streaming service address other issues before conquering password sharing, saying, "Disney+ should make a continued watching section before they try to prevent people from password sharing".

Users of Disney+ clearly aren't impressed with this new rule, and only time will tell if the streaming service's content is good enough for them to pay the monthly fee.

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