Disney’s Live-Action Remake Of “Peter Pan” To Start Filming In Canada In A Couple Months

It even got a new name!
Disney’s Live-Action Remake Of “Peter Pan” To Start Filming In Canada In A Couple Months

Neverland is never-ending! A Disney Peter Pan live-action film is set to start filming in Canada this April. While the release date is unknown, the film's creators have given fans some tidbits about what to expect from the movie.

For starters, the title gives fans of the original a hint that this remake might not exactly be the traditional story they grew up with. The new title, Peter Pan & Wendy , could be a retelling of the classic tale similar to how the movie hubs' most recent release, Mulan , is pushing boundaries in it's newest trailer.

Before announcing a filming location of North America , the fairytale was eyeing for set production to be based in New Zealand.

David Lowry, the film's director, announced to New Zealand based platform Stuff back in 2018 that, "people can count" on the film being created in the country.

Although the production has moved a little more west than originally intended, Lowry is still using influence from the country for casting.

According to Stuff , the role of Peter Pan has yet to be filled and a current casting announcement is circling asking for New Zealand boys aged 12-14.

It's still unclear where exactly in Canada the film will be setting up camp. However, if the retelling is anything like the original, in terms of scenery, the best guess is to assume the cast will be making their way to the more foresty areas of the country.

Lowry or Disney has also yet to announce how the new live-action will be presented to viewers. It's unclear whether it will get a release in theatres or have its premiere on Disney+.

With the original being released in 1953, and an array of spinoffs and retellings coming after it, Lowry is getting ready for a challenge when it comes to offering Disney fans something unique.

Luckily this isn't the director's first time working with Disney, he also directed the animated film Pete's Dragon . Working alongside him is producer Jim Whitaker who was credited on A Wrinkle in Time .