The premiere of Disney+ earlier this month got so many people talking and the chatter about it is still pretty ongoing. Even though it had a glitchy launch, tons of people consider it their favourite streaming platform and can't get over the seemingly endless content. Like most things that millennials get their hands on, these Disney+ memes are so hilarious and will have you nodding in agreement. 

The comical photos started rolling in a few days after the November 12 launch and have yet to receive the appreciation they truly deserve. 

One user posted a photo of Adam Sandler in Billy Madison when he's a grown-up in a class full of young kids. They added the words, "Me logging onto Disney Plus" because really, the platform was made for children but seems to be used mostly by people in their twenties. 

Another person shared a meme that says "Friends: Do you have Plans Nov 12? Me:" and added three photos showing his plans were basically Disney+, his bed, and snacks. 

You might be tired of the meme showing the man looking at another woman when he's holding his girlfriend's hand, but clearly there are still tons of options to make it even funnier.

This user posted a photo their friend made that features the guy looking at Disney+ while his responsibilities of "work, sleep, eating" glare at him in the background. 

Another person posted this meme that's a play on the infamous "Netflix and chill." 

If there's anything that Twitter users unanimously love on Disney+, it might just be Baby Yoda in The Mandalorian.

People have been sharing tons of GIFs, photos, and videos of the tiny creature but unfortunately, a recent tweet from the IGN account said that "Disney has started to remove Baby Yoda GIFs across the internet due to fear of copyright issues." Hopefully, that means photos will remain safe to use online. 

A user hilariously responded to the post using a picture of Baby Yoda looking sad.

Here's another Baby Yoda meme that's sure to get a chuckle out of dog owners.

There are so many Baby Yoda memes on Twitter, and this photoshopped post is hilarious too.

One of the first accounts to actually post a meme was in fact the Disney+ account themselves. They captioned it, "Remember when Troy Bolton taught us golf etiquette?" 

If you still haven't subscribed to Disney+, there's still time to take advantage of the free 7-day trial while you laugh along to these incredible memes. 

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