The launch of the new Disney+ streaming platform this week has been all Twitter users can talk about and so many people are satisfied with the unlimited Disney content they now behold. With over 500 movies and 7,500 episodes of TV shows, it seems like we'll have content to watch for the rest of our lives. But because some things are just too good to be true, some Disney+ movies expiration dates were discovered by Twitter users

Within hours of the launch, a very tech-savvy Twitter user shared their findings with the internet regarding Disney movies that are so near and dear to our hearts. 

A user with the name "Stitch Kingdom" and an impressive 61,000 followers posted photos showing the computer codes to some movies on Disney+.

They wrote, "Most #disneyplus movies now have an expiration date set in 2020, with some in 2021". They immediately followed with a correction writing, "I meant 2022. but there are titles that are even set to expire later this year". 

The attached photo to the original tweet shows films like The Adventures of Huck Finn that currently has an expiration date on October 2, 2022. 

And the film African Cats will supposedly expire on April 22, 2021. 

In their next tweet, the same user wrote, "Several titles even have expiration dates set for 2019. #ThePrincessAndTheFrog is set to expire November 25. We'll see how that goes."

They attached a photo with the highlighted expiry date as well.

A few users were quick to point out that Disney promised there wouldn't be rotating content as Netflix does. Which is always disappointing when something from your watch list suddenly disappears before you have the chance to see it. 

In early November, What's On Disney Plus reported that a spokesperson for Disney said, "There will not be a 'rotating slate' of licensed movies each month," which was assuring to subscribers.

So one user responded to Stitch Kingdom's tweet saying, "Didn’t they say once content is on there it won’t be removed like Netflix?"

Another user responded asking, "Is it because they are licensing them elsewhere?" And someone answered their question by writing "Most likely". 

People are slowly discovering the news of the potential expiration dates and they're not very happy to hear it. 

Today, a user who got wind of the news responded to a tweet from Disney+ with, "y’all better remove those expiration dates better disappear or I’m not renewing".

And on launch day, another suspicious user wrote, "Service just launched and there is already expiration dates on certain content. You own everything on the service why would anything need to be removed".

But some are also assuming the expiration dates are just placeholders until Disney gets confirmation of the actual date. 

The original Twitter user, who appears to be an insider for Disney, wrote back in September that "#disneyplus does allow for the expiration of movies, tho most appear to currently be set for 12/31/3000". 

That expiration date, of course, wouldn't affect any of us. 

There's no need to panic just yet because Disney hasn't confirmed or denied this finding and this is currently all Twitter user speculations.

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