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Your Disney+ Profile May Be At Risk After Thousands Of Canadian Accounts Were Hacked

There may have been more to Disney+'s rough launch last week. While subscribers were told the company's platforms weren't functioning properly due to the amount of people trying to access the site, the BBC has confirmed that thousands of accounts were apparently compromised at the same time. Now the company is warning Disney+ accounts in Canada were hacked — and strangers may be using your account.

While some people are blaming Disney's inability to launch properly, experts are attributing it to something else: re-using passwords. 

People are warned time and time again not to re-use passwords across multiple platforms because hackers are able to retrieve that account information and use it to hack into Disney+ and Netflix subscriptions

An analyst from BBC explained, "Whilst many may consider having a unique password for each online service to be difficult to manage, password managers simplify this process and allow you to generate and securely store unique difficult-to-guess passwords."

Because Disney+ is not currently launched worldwide, these illegal accounts are in high demand. 

Although most subscribers have realized their accounts were broken into, recovery of their account is anything but easy. Once hackers are in, they change your password, email, and delete all devices connected to the account leaving you essentially with no access. 

These unlucky people, as of now, have received no support from Disney+ and are venting their frustrations on Twitter. 

One user jokingly said that Disney+ security is from the same era as the first Lion King film. 

Another user also warned users that their hacked accounts also include any memberships you have with the Disney Store and the Disney Vacation Club, "@disneyplus HUGE security issue- all Disney accounts are linked together so they have the same password. This means a hack on one is a hack on all. Spending the morning on the phone with Disney Vacation Club. Got access back to DVC and  but not Disney+ :(." 

If you can't get into your Disney+ account this may be the reason, make sure yours is safe before streaming all those Boy Meets World episodes

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