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Disney+'s Top Show Just Beat Out "Stranger Things" For Most Streamed Series Ever

Who doesn't love Baby Yoda?
Disney+ The Mandalorian Streamed By 100 million People

Since it's release back in 2016, when the streaming service industry really began to take off, Stranger Things has dominated the numbers. They quickly became not just Netflix's, but the world's most-streamed series ever. Now with the roll-out of Disney+, things are changing in the streaming platform industry and it's not in favour of Netflix. The live-action Star Wars series on Disney+, The Mandalorian, was streamed by 100 million people within its first week of premiering, sending any previous records held by Netflix, down the drain. 

While Netflix has seen a decrease in numbers even before Disney+ was launched, their original content shows like Stranger Things, swooped in and saved their quarterly reports. But their originals might not be enough anymore. 

Before The Mandalorian, Stranger Things season 3 managed to hold their top spot for over five months, but they've been dethroned.

To decide what show is deserving of the top spot it doesn't only depend on streams. It's analyzed through demand expressions. 

Demand expression is basically a number calculated by desire, engagement, and views. 

This is where the thousands of gifs of baby Yoda scattered across the internet comes in. 

In the first week of Stranger Things Season 3 they racked up a hefty 81 demand expressions, but The Mandalorian came in stronger with more than 100 million demand expressions in their pocket. 

Not only is the Star Wars series the biggest streaming show, but it's also topped the numbers of huge network shows like SNL, and Rick and Morty.

Disney+ has lists and lists of both new and old shows streaming on their platform right now but none have been able to come close to The Mandalorian or even Stranger Things numbers. 

With five more episodes still left to be released of The Mandalorian, and a season 4 for Stranger Things in the works, who will ultimately take the top spot? 

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