It’s almost November and the heatwave still hasn’t stopped in southern California. Yesterday, temperatures soared to crazy heights. Have you heard about the crazy Anaheim weather yesterday at Disneyland?

Guests were seriously sweltering.

During mid-day, temperatures hit 98 degrees Fahrenheit and surpassed meteorologist's predictions by 5 degrees. According to the Orange County Register, Anaheim was the hottest city in America yesterday. 

Yorba Linda came in for a close second at 97 degrees. Fullerton, Chino Hills, Long Beach, Escondido, and Santee, all tied for the third-hottest places. 

This is a highly unusual weather pattern for Southern California in October. Normally, southern California averages temperatures in the mid-70s.

To put this in perspective, Disneyland was even hotter than Death Valley yesterday, which had a daily high of 96 degrees. Crazy, right? 

The combination of dry winds, high heat, and low humidity pose a huge fire risk. If you didn't hear, California just suffered a massive power outage after PG&E and Southern California Edison shut off power for millions of customers in a state-mandated effort to prevent fires from spreading. We don’t want another state-wide power outage. Too soon?

Unfortunately for southern Californians, temperatures are predicted to stay high this week. Weather models predict a high of 92 degrees at Disneyland today. Whew.  Can somebody please get us some ice water?

So, if you’re planning on traveling to visit the park soon, make sure to bring plenty of sunscreen, wear your sunglasses, and drink lots of water. 

As much as we’d love to have it, sweater weather and a need for hot coffee isn’t coming around any time soon.

We’re wondering when it will cool down just as much as you are. As much as we hate to admit it, we’re having some serious Minnesota weather FOMO right now.

Stay cool out there, Californians!

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