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Drake Actually Has An Official Role With The Raptors But Doesn’t Get Paid

If you're a Drake fan, a Raptors fan, or a Canadian with access to the internet, the odds are pretty high that you're aware of Drake's status as the Raptors' #1 fan. He's spotted at pretty much every home game, sitting courtside and cheering on his boys in hopes that they win. Fans have been wondering, does Drake own some of the Raptors? It turns out he has an official role within the organization.

A lot of people may think that Drake always has such good seats because a) He can afford them and b) He's a super huge fan. While that's not entirely wrong, it's not the entire truth either. 

As it turns out, Drake isn't just sitting courtside at all these games to flex - he actually has an official role as the team's global ambassador, meaning it's basically his job to draw attention to the team everywhere he goes - which he seems to have absolutely no trouble doing.

Although some people love seeing Drizzy hyping up his team in the 6ix, others have called into question whether his role is actually damaging the Raptor's reputation. During Game 4 of the Eastern Conference Final, the rapper came up behind coach Nick Nurse and started giving him a shoulder rub, which made a lot of people cringe.

Drake's also been known to throw some trash talk in the mix while sitting on the sidelines, most notably at players of the Milwaukee Bucks. The team and the city were so upset by Drake's remarks that a local radio station has gone as far as banning the rapper's music for the rest of the series - yikes.

For the most part, though, fans see Drake as a "positive and fun" influencer in 2019's diverse NBA fan-base - he is one of the most well-known musicians in the world, after all. Shawn Mendes is another uber-famous Canadian musician that's known for cheering on the Raptors.

You can check out some of Drake's hilarious sideline antics in the video below.

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