Social media gave people all over the world an ability to communicate in a way they couldn't before. This, of course, includes celebrities who can share new information, clear up any rumours, and even post photos from their personal lives with their millions of fans online. Some celebs have rebelled against social media culture and would rather keep their personal lives private, which is totally understandable in a world with so many eyes watching. And that got us asking, does Rachel McAdams have Instagram? She lives a very private life. 

McAdams was born in London, Ontario on November 17, 1978, which means she's just nearing 41-years-old. She started acting as a teenager and according to her IMDb page, "by the age of 13 was performing in Shakespearean productions in summer theatre camp". She went to York University in Toronto and got a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Theatre, so acting has always been at the core of her passions. 

McAdams' big break was definitely in the 2004 classic movie, Mean Girls, where she played the meanest girl of all, Regina George. In the same year, she also starred in The Notebook with fellow Canadian, Ryan Gosling, who played her love interest in the movie and soon became her boyfriend in real life. 

A lot of McAdams' life in the early 2000s is pretty publicly known, but she's kept quiet over the past few years. It may even shock you to find out that she's dating an American screenwriter and that she recently became a mom! McAdams' boyfriend is Jamie Linden, a 39-year-old who's written a few movies, including Dear John. And in April 2018, PEOPLE reported that McAdams gave birth to a little boy after keeping "her journey to motherhood under the radar". They also said that McAdams and Linden "rarely appear in public together and have yet to make their red carpet debut as a couple." There's that, coupled with the fact that both of the celebs don't have any social media accounts.

There's no verified Twitter or Instagram accounts under the name Rachel McAdams, but there are dozens of fan accounts with her name. Accounts named "Rachel McAdams Daily", "Rachel McAdams Club", and "best of mcadams" are some of the few that pop up on Twitter. The Rachel McAdams Daily account's bio even says "Rachel McAdams has NO social media, this is a fan account!" and posts occasional photos of the actress. 

And on Instagram, when you type in her name there are no verified accounts either. But it does recommend the hashtag #rachelmcadams, which is filled with tons of photos including ones of McAdams iconic role in The Notebook. 

So McAdams' life is pretty private, and we don't have any photos of her new son from social media or news outlets. We totally respect her keeping her baby out of the media's spotlight, and so many other celebs choose to honour their children's privacy too. 

Right now, McAdams splits her time living in Toronto and Los Angeles. Her IMDb page says that she just filmed a Netflix movie called Eurovision, starring as Sigrit Ericksdottir. Interestingly, the filming locations on the movie's IMDb page are in the United Kingdom so she must have been there for a while. But at least we know The Notebook star will be on our screens on Netflix sometime soon.

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