Here's something that will make you smile. This dog and duckling's friendship is exactly what we need right now and it's truly so wholesome. The unusual duo met on a farm in New Brunswick and the rest is history!

Allyson Mitton posted about this unlikely animal pairing on Facebook.

On her farm in New Brunswick, the baby duck named Eggbert was stuck in his shell long after his 12 brothers and sisters had hatched.

So, the mother moved her other babies into a new nest, completely abandoning the little guy.

He was cold, tired, getting weaker and making no progress with coming out of his shell.

Then, Mitton intervened. 

Eggbert came out with what she called a "wry neck" which means it was crooked and twisted because of his positioning in the egg.

His feet were also curled up so he couldn't walk or even stand.

Mitton made the little duckling a neck brace and taped his feet open so he could get up.

Eggbert's breed doesn't like being alone and he would peep for his mother.

Out of that, a beautiful friendship was born.

Mitton's border collie Braya kept Eggbert warm and comforted with lots of snuggles. If that doesn't make you smile, nothing will.

"My dog was going crazy and jumping at my feet, so I put the duck down and she just went right to it," Mitton told CTV News. "As soon as he got in with her the peeping would stop and he'd settle right down."

Now, Eggbert's neck brace is off and so is the tape that was on his feet.

His neck is straight and his feet are flat though he has to work hard to keep up because he's smaller than the other ducklings.

In even better news, Eggbert was accepted by his mother and is back with his family.

Is there anything more wholesome than unlikely animal friendships?

Eggbert's and Braya's story is one for the ages and we can only hope their bond is never broken because it's just so adorable.

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