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A Dog Was Stolen From An Ontario Cottage & A Horrifying Note Was Left Behind

"I have your dog, so stop looking for him."
A Dog Was Stolen From An Ontario Cottage & A Horrifying Note Was Left Behind

For most pet-owners, just the thought of having a member of your furry-family stolen is enough to make your heart break. However, for one family in Ontario, things went from bad to worse after their beloved dog was stolen, when they later received a chilling note from the thieves, that read, “I have your dog, so stop looking for him.”

The Ontario family has been left distraught after their golden retriever, Buckaroo, was stolen from their Cloyne cottage last Wednesday night. According to Jordin Legate, the dog belonged to her brother-in-law, who had been spending a considerable amount of time at the cottage, relaxing and playing with the 1-year-old dog.

Speaking to CTV News, Legate explained, “(Buckaroo) loves to swim and dive in the water … but because he likes chasing four-wheelers, he’s always tied up when we’re not outside.” She added that Buckaroo and the family’s other two dogs were never left alone for long periods at the cottage, and always had a fresh supply of water.

Upon returning home from a trip out, the Legate family noticed that Buckaroo was no longer tied up, and seemed to have vanished. “It was kind of strange but we thought, maybe he just broke (the tie) chasing a four-wheeler but he always comes back,” Legate said.

When nightfall came and Buckaroo failed to return, the Legate family went out looking for their dog, knocking on neighbours' doors and searching the area.

By the following Monday, the Legates were still searching for Buckaroo. However, when they came across a typed note left on their cottage driveway, their hunt for their dog suddenly became a lot more complicated.

According to a post on Facebook by Jordin Legate, the note read, “I have your dog, so stop looking for him. He deserves a better life than you gave him.” The note went on to criticize the owners, accusing them of leaving Buckaroo with no food, water or blankets. The anonymous note added, “He is far underweight [sic] for his body.”

The message also accused the family of neglect, claiming that Buckaroo had now been saved from a “miserable life.” Legate described the note as “devastating and scary,” and said her family feels they can no longer keep their pets at the cottage. 

Legate went on to explain that while Buckaroo does appear underweight, with missing patches of hair, it is not because he is neglected. Instead, the dog has recently suffered from a food-allergy, which has had an impact on his weight and fur.

In her post on Facebook, Legate wrote, "What is left in this note is completely false and disheartening. The morning you took our boy, he was enjoying a swim in the lake and a game of fetch. Now he is gone from us. We miss him, and we know he misses us. You are not a hero, you are a thief."

Speaking to CTV News, Legate explained, “We don’t wish any harm to the people that took him. We realize they were concerned for him. We just want him back.”

She added, “He comes from a loving family that cares for him. And we miss him so much.”

Officers from the Lennox and Addington detachment of the RCMP are currently investigating the incident.

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