A Quebec Resident Is About To Be $50 Million Richer After Last Night's Big Lottery Win

The winning ticket hasn't been claimed yet.
A Quebec Resident Is About To Be $50 Million Richer After Last Night's Big Lottery Win

If you played the lottery in Quebec last night check your tickets because the $50 Million winning lottery ticket was bought somewhere in Quebec last night. Loto-Quebec announced the big win in a press release this morning. 

While they don't go into details about the where exactly the winning ticket was purchased, they do confirm that "the $50 million up for grabs in last night's Lotto Max draw was won with a selection sold in Quebec." That means that anyone who purchased a lottery ticket anywhere in Quebec should double check their numbers. 

Meanwhile, on their website, Loto-Quebec reveals what the winning numbers from last night's Lotto Max draw. The $50 million numbers are 02-03-05-12-21-22-37. If you picked those numbers last night, congratulations you're a multi-millionaire now. 

The Lotto-Max draw also includes bonus $1 million prizes called Maxmillions, but as Loto-Quebec reports in their news release, "none of the $1 million prizes (Maxmillions) were won." So while it's good news for one Quebec resident, that was the only big win of the night.

However, given that the draw was just last night, the winner has not yet come forward. In fact, they may not even know yet that they are sitting on a $50 million prize. 

In Canada, the amount of time it takes some people to claim lottery prizes, especially big ones like last night's draw, can vary greatly.

For example, in a comment to Narcity last month, Ontario's lottery corporation, OLG stated that while some people will be at the prize centre to claim their winnings first thing on Monday morning, some people like to wait a bit and get their affairs in order first.

Meanwhile, some people don't even check their tickets regularly. Fortunately, for those people, you have exactly one year from the draw date to claim a lottery prize in Canada. So last night's $50 million prize is valid until May 3, 2020. 

Lotto Max is a Canada-wide game, with tickets being sold all across the country. The draws take place on Friday nights, with the maximum possible jackpot set at $60 million. The next draw will be on Friday, May 10, 2019. 

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