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$500,000 Total Worth Of Treasure Is Being Hidden In 4 Canadian Provinces This Summer For You To Find

Time to bring out your treasure hunting and puzzle solving skills!

If you're looking to make some extra cash, this treasure hunt may be the answer. Gold Rush is hiding $500,000 total worth of treasure in four* different Canadian provinces this summer. Get ready to bring out your treasure hunting and puzzle solving skills, because you definitely don't want to miss out on this major cash prize.

The treasure hunts in Canada this year started when Gold Hunt, a different company, hid $100,000 worth in chests around Vancouver, Edmonton and Calgary. Gold Hunt 2 is now already underway for the same three cities. 

Now, another company is helping make Canadians richer through a new treasure hunt. Gold Rush, is hiding $500,000 worth of treasure in five different Canadian provinces and six cities this July and August. Although the prize cash per city has not been revealed yet, Gold Rush promises that each city has at least $80,000 worth of treasure to find. 

Gold Rush's treasure hunt will be happening in July and August in the following six cities:

  • Ottawa - July 27
  • Edmonton - August 10
  • Calgary and Montreal - August 17
  • Toronto and Vancouver - August 24 

So how does it work? You'll have to purchase a treasure map on Gold Rush's website and solve the murder mystery, "adventuring around the city solving puzzles". "Purchase a map with or without the bonus clues, solve the puzzles to find out "Who Shot The Boss" and locate the hidden cash treasure," reads the website. 

Gold Rush also released a promotional video of the treasure hunt. You can watch it below.

On their website, a map to the hunt currently costs $29 and a map with clues will set you back $49. To find out more about Gold Rush and to buy your map, you can visit their website

*This article has been updated.