How To Give Your Room A Total Makeover With Just $22 At Dollarama

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Dollarama Hacks To Give Your Room A Makeover With Just $22
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Freshening up your space doesn't need to be expensive. These easy Dollarama hacks will help you give your room a makeover with your extra loonies and toonies.

Even if you aren't crafty at all, you can tackle these simple do-it-yourself projects.

From renter-friendly flower walls to twisted candles trending on TikTok, we are sharing everything you will want to try ASAP.

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Flower Wall

Details: Forget hanging wallpaper; you can create an eye-catching accent wall by hanging artificial flowers. We love how this project is renter-friendly.

Approximate Cost: $1 per flower

Cage Pendant Lamp

Details: Do you have an ugly bare bulb light? You can easily make a lampshade for it using a plastic laundry basket and some black paint.

Approximate Cost: $5 for basket, paint and cotton rope

Side Table

Details: You'll never believe this table didn't come from a boutique store. It is stacked serving bowls glued together with a tray on top.

Approximate Cost: $6 for bowls, tray and paint

Twisted Candles

Details: Candles with unique shapes are so trendy right now, but you can get the look for way less. To get started, all you need are some candlesticks and some lukewarm water.

Approximate Cost: $1 per candle

Grid Mirror

Details: You can recreate the look using a mini garden fence and square mirror.

Approximate Cost: $5 for fences, paint and mirror

Boho Vase



Details: You can give a fresh new look to an old vase by gluing wooden dowels to it.

Approximate Cost: $2 for vase and wood dowels

Ceramic-Looking Vases

Details: Once you learn how easy it is to make your old vases look like ceramic, you will want to grab a container of baking soda and try this paint technique right away.

Approximate Cost: $3 for a vase, baking soda and paint

Rope Basket

Details: You can recreate the look at home using rope and a hot glue gun.

Approximate Cost: $1 for rope

Stephanie White
Staff Writer