They say that you can't eat away your feelings. While that may be true, sometimes after a tough day you actually can. From Monday, January 20 to Sunday, January 26, everyone's favourite Domino's pizza deals are back.

For just this week, you can order online and pick up your pizza and save 50% it's regular menu price. Prices vary by location, but still, this is a great way to treat yourself and save.

Plus, saving half off may make it easier for you to justify adding a cookie brownie to your order. Just saying.

This pizza deal couldn't come at a better time because while there's a ton of buzz about "Blue Monday" happening this same week, the winter blues are real.

For some, self-care looks like a Lush bath bomb. For others, it looks like double sauce and double cheese. 

When you are feeling down, it's a good idea to be gentle on yourself. So don't feel like you need to only eat healthy foods or you're a failure. Treat yourself to pizza if it's what your inner child needs right now.

Also, this deal is only good for carryout. You'll have to use your legs to walk to the pizza shop and then proceed to carry it home with your arms. 

Going out for a walk, getting some fresh air — don't those sound like things that are good for helping with winter blues?

You don't have to wait until Valentine's Day to treat your s/o to a romantic pizza dinner. Use the 50% off to put towards a bottle of wine and really impress them!

Another tip to cheer yourself up a bit: spend time with your loved ones. Invite everyone over and binge The Witcher while treating your friends to pizza.

Real Domino's fans are signed up for their Piece of the Pie Rewards program. When you make an order, you get 10 points and 60 points get you a free pizza.

It's like SCENE points but for pizza instead of movies and combined with their half-off deal it's a great way to create some savings in your monthly pizza budget. 

Domino's Carry Out Deal

Sale Price: 50% the menu price off any pizza

Why You Need It: Save money on your pizza fix and eat away your winter blues in a healthy, self-loving way.

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