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#BoycottSportsnet Is Actually Trending After Don Cherry Was Fired On Monday

Some people even cancelled their Rogers accounts!
Don Cherry Firing Sparks New #BoycottSportsnet Trend Online From Furious Viewers

News of Don Cherry's firing has sparked outrage almost everywhere. But it's not all one-sided. In fact, the hashtag #BoycottSportsnet started trending on Twitter after the 85-year-old was dismissed. People are even going as far as to cancel their subscriptions with Sportsnet or even the outlet's parent company, Rogers. 

On November 11, news broke that Hockey Night in Canada host Cherry had been relieved of his duties following comments he made about Remembrance Day and immigrants during his last broadcast two days previously.

The comments enraged many, with many apparently believing there were racial undertones to what was said.

In fact, the backlash was so strong that the number of complaints received by the Canadian Broadcast Standards Council actually led to the CBSC site having to stop accepting submissions.

There are, however, Canadians who are standing by Cherry in the face of his offensive rhetoric.

After Sportsnet PR tweeted to announce they were severing ties with Cherry, plenty of people on Twitter responded unfavourably.

In fact, a slew of Cherry supporters threatened to cancel their subscription to the sports service as a result of the decision. Some even went as far as to illustrate their intentions to cancel their subscriptions through photo form, though unconfirmed reports suggest this may have been for the Twitter "clout".

Some didn't stop at Sportsnet, though. Oh no.

Some people are so inexplicably raging mad that they even went ahead and cancelled their entire Rogers plans. Rogers, of course, is the parent company of Sportsnet.

It remains to be seen whether they'll also be boycotting other things around Toronto which carry the name of the company. The Toronto Blue Jays could be in the firing line.

Good job Bianca Andreescu already won the Rogers Cup back in August, otherwise, we'd all be in trouble.

At least Cherry can sleep easy knowing he still has fans who will revamp their home life in order to support him.

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