Viewers Are Calling Don Cherry Canada's Donald Trump After Old Interview Emerges (VIDEO)

This doesn't age well.
Don Cherry Interview From 1990 Has People Comparing Him To Donald Trump

The saga rumbles on. Amid the controversy of his firing from Sportsnet and the reactions to his dismissal, a video of a Don Cherry interview from back in 1990 has resurfaced. In the clip, Cherry shares his thoughts on immigration, and his comments have Canadians comparing him to U.S. President Donald Trump.

In 1990, The Fifth Estate's Eric Malling interviewed Cherry for CBC.

At the time of the interview, Cherry had already been on TV as a hockey broadcaster for around a decade after finishing his playing and coaching careers.

In the clip, which had resurfaced and gone viral by Friday after his sacking on Monday, Cherry airs his views on immigration to Canada, among other topics. 

"They're ticked off at the foreigners coming over here earning the dough, is what I hear from them," Cherry says in the old clip of "the people who drink beer with me."

When asked by Malling whether he was "dangerous", Cherry responded: "I don't know whether I'm dangerous, I just say what I think.

"You can say it's bigotry if you want, I don't think it is. I'm Pro-Canadian. I wish more Canadians were like me."

Later in the interview, Cherry, who was apparently flirting with the idea of a political career at the time, continued: "People come in and wreck everything on us and it wouldn't happen if I was in Parliament."

Malling then pressed Cherry, asking him whether any party would want him on board. Cherry claimed he had been asked by both Canada's Liberal and Conservative parties to represent them.

"They want people that people like on TV. How could you not like me on TV if you're a Canadian?" Cherry asks. "A good old boy like me? I'll tell you, I'll straighten those guys out. I wanna be in the back hollerin' and yellin'.

Warming to his theme, Cherry continues: "Imagine me going down to Newfoundland. I'll say "look, vote me in and I'll guarantee you as I stand here no foreign trawler will come in and touch one fish.

"Here we got people dying for want of beds and we're giving money to the foreigners? No way. It'd be Canada first and Canada only. That's what I am, a nationalist! I'm gonna start a new party, the Nationalists."

Unsurprisingly, the resurfaced clip has been garnering a hell of a lot of attention on social media.

And it seems plenty of Canadians — and Americans — found Cherry's rhetoric eerily similar to that of President Trump's views.

The video is nearly 30 years old now, but people are nonetheless alarmed by what they perceive as similarities between Cherry and the right-wing Trump.

However, it should be noted that there are also people who claim the clip actually makes them like Cherry even more than they already did.

That should not necessarily come as a surprise.

Cherry's fans have already advocated a boycott of Sportsnet and Rogers, begun a petition to have him reinstated, and even held a rally outside Sportsnet HQ.

And his former player and longtime buddy Bobby Orr has also come out in support of his old coach. Orr said this week that Cherry's firing shows that "freedom of speech doesn't matter."

If you're looking for an end to the Cherry controversy, we wouldn't count on it happening anytime soon.

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