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Don Cherry Reveals He Was Willing To "Smooth It Over" In His New Podcast

Cherry admitted being "disappointed" with Ron MacLean.

It’s been just over a week since long-standing hockey commentator Don Cherry was fired from his job at Sportsnet. Despite causing huge controversy in Canada, he is already back-in-business, and he launched his brand-new podcast, “Grapevine” on Tuesday. In Don Cherry’s new podcast, he talks about poppies, Ron MacLean and getting fired from Sportsnet, but he’s still not apologizing.

On Remembrance Day weekend, the former hockey coach and commentator caused shockwaves across Canada when he suggested live on air that immigrants in Canada refuse to wear poppies.

His comments caused such outrage that he was almost immediately fired from his job at Sportsnet, and his segment Coach’s Corner has officially been cancelled.

Since getting fired, the TV star has garnered both widespread support and condemnation, with some Canadians even attending a support rally in Toronto.

Cherry has yet to apologize for any of his offensive comments but maintains that his phrasing of “you people” was misunderstood.

Far from stepping away from the limelight post-controversy, the hockey commentator is keen on getting his voice heard, and he’s made the leap to digital.

His first podcast in the Grapevine series was aired on Spotify on Tuesday morning, and he certainly didn’t shy away from discussing the recent poppy scandal.

In his first podcast, Don was joined by his son, Tim Cherry. After a brief conversation about Boston, the pair quickly got down to business and discussed the drama that has unfolded over the last 10 days.

Speaking about his co-host Ron MacLean, who has apologized for not confronting his former partner about his comments, Cherry said he was “disappointed,” but added that they’re “still friends.”

It didn’t take long for the father and son to start talking about the firing from Sportsnet, with the commentator claiming that he had “offered to explain” himself to the company.

According to Cherry, he had hoped to “smooth it over” with Sportsnet, but was not prepared to offer an apology.

Discussing the conditions laid out by Sportsnet post-controversy, he explained, "I just couldn't do it."

Speaking again about the poppy issue, he said, “Everybody in Canada should wear a poppy,” going on to add, “We have the best country in the world.”

The ex-Coach’s Corner host went on to explain that he was now officially unemployed, aside from his contributions to Grapevine podcasts on Spotify.

Tim Cherry told the Toronto Sun that moving forward, the plan is to record the podcast and post it every Monday during hockey season. 

You can listen to the first podcast of the series by clicking here.

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