A Canadian Reporter Shared The Hate He Got After Being Dragged Into The Don Cherry Scandal

He's now decided to take a short break from social media.
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A Canadian Reporter Shared The Hate He Got After Being Dragged Into The Don Cherry Scandal

A Manitoba-based journalist has spoken out about the racist abuse he has recently received after he ended up getting dragged into the Don Cherry "you people" scandal. After Don Cherry’s poppy rant got him fired from Sportsnet last weekend, CBC Manitoba reporter Ahmar Khan has taken to Twitter to share how he ended up involved in the scandal, and examples of the xenophobic emails he has been receiving since the drama unfolded.

On November 11, news broke that Hockey Night in Canada host Don Cherry had been fired from his post, following a controversial comment he made about Remembrance Day and immigrants wearing poppies.

Referring to immigrants as “you people,” Cherry accused Canada’s newcomers of “coming here” and “loving our way of life,” but not wearing poppies on Remembrance Day.

After Cherry’s comments were broadcast over the weekend, the sheer volume of complaints received by the Canadian Broadcast Standards Council (CBSC) ended up shutting down their website, and the CBSC site had to stop accepting submissions.

Now, a Manitoba-based Canadian journalist has revealed how the scandal has ended up impacting him, and the hate mail he has received is pretty shocking.

On November 11, CBC reporter Ahmar Khan called out the Toronto Sun on Twitter for including his criticism of Cherry in their article about the drama, noting that it had led to an unusual influx of racist emails in his inbox.

Khan explained, “Here's one of the many comments I received after Joe Warmington decided to put my name in his article,” going on to share several screenshots of the awful messages he had recently been sent.

One of the emails stated, “You honestly think a less-white Canada is better? I have proof it is not. If every black or Indian left Canada we would be way better off.”

Another email said, "Take you're [sic] ugly race and ways and leave already ... You will never be a Canadian."

In a follow-up tweet, Khan added, “Let's not forget the person who told me he lives right next to an Army Base and for me to 'tread lightly on him and other Canadians'”.

After sharing the snippets from the horrific emails, Khan went on to add, “Please don't tell me this is not Canadian. It is and always has been what some Canadians are like."

"It can be changed, but acknowledging the existence of xenophobia and racism needs to come first,” he explained.

This is the second time in less than a week that a Canadian journalist has spoken out about the abuse they've received while trying to do their job. 

On the weekend, an Ottawa-based TV reporter spoke out about the verbal abuse she regularly receives while working in Canada, explaining that the gross “F*ck her right in the p*ssy” (FHRITP) trend is still an issue for female journalists.

CTV News reporter Christina Succi explained, “In case you’re wondering, it’s almost 2020, and people are still screaming ‘F**k her right in the p***y’ while I’m about to go on-air and/or live on TV … It’s sexual harassment.”

After receiving the hateful messages, Khan explained that he’d be taking a break from the internet for a few days. Adding, “Be kind to each other, and always be wise to what you say. Thank you all for the kind remarks and words.”

Don Cherry has been fired from Sportsnet following his comments. He has yet to formally apologize.

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