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Donald Trump Responds To Justin Trudeau's Blackface Photos & Even He's Surprised

The U.S. President commented on the multiple instances

The fallout from Justin Trudeau's blackface and brownface photos continues. Even the U.S. President is weighing in on the situation. Donald Trump responds to Trudeau's blackface and says that it surpised him. 

While speaking to reporters in the oval office on September 20, Trump was asked about the controversy surrounding Trudeau wearing brownface and blackface in the past. The reporter said, "Can he survive this controversy?"

Trump said he hoped that he wasn't going to be asked about the situation and then went on to talk about his reaction to it all.

"I'm surprised, and I was more surprised when I saw the number of times. I've always had a good relationship with Justin. I just don't know what to tell you. I was surpised by it," Trump said.

Before video of the President's remarks were posted online, multiple journalists who were in the room when Trump was asked about the scandal confirmed on Twitter that he said he was surpised by how many times Trudeau did it and that he has a good relationship with Trudeau. 

A Canadian journalist working for CNN tweeted about Trump's comments on Trudeau and people had swift reaction to it.

Trump commenting on this situation seems to have taken a little bit of the heat off Trudeau though it probably won't last long.

People are using Trump's comments as a way to attack him instead of going after Trudeau for wearing brownface and blackface.

On September 18, TIME broke the news that Trudeau had worn brownface back in 2001 at a costume party where he went dressed as Aladdin. That night Trudeau told reporters that he was disappointed in and "pissed off" at himself.

The next day, a photo and a video were unearthed of Trudeau in blackface.

Trudeau has since apologized for wearing brownface and blackface and said that he never should have done it.

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