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Donors To The AGO's Infinity Mirrors Room Are Disappointed That The Gallery Chose The "Ugliest" One To Buy

After the unprecedented success of the Yayoi Kusama Infinity Mirrors exhibit in Toronto, it's no surprise that the Art Gallery of Ontario's decision to purchase one of Kusama's rooms was met with praise. Even with the donation goal set at a steep $1.3 million, Torontonians were wooed enough by the exhibit to have raised nearly the half the funds - $450,000 so far.

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In what many assume was a way to get more people excited to donate, the AGO recently revealed which room they plan on buying once they wrap up their crowdfunding campaign by the end of the month. Though it seems that the big reveal has actually done the opposite. A lot of people who have donated as well as potential donors are feeling more than a little underwhelmed by the AGO's choice. 

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Out of the numerous rooms in the exhibit, the AGO announced that the one they were raising money to make a permanent fixture at the gallery wasn't even included in the original exhibit. So, unfortunately, while many assumed it would be the iconic Universe Room, it's actually the Let's Survive Forever Room: 

Many Canadians were a little underwhelmed by the choice, even though this room boasts the exclusivity of being one that has never been shown in Canada before. Some even went as far as to say it was one of the more "uglier" rooms when it came to comparing it to the others: 

why would @agotoronto choose the ugliest room to spend a million dollars on lmaooooooo

November 26, 2018

Via Reddit

Via Reddit

Regardless of the criticism, most Canadians are ecstatic that a local gallery will be getting anything by Kusama permanently. Though considering that the AGO is still several hundred thousand dollars short of their goal with the campaign ending in just four days, it will be interesting to see what actually happens if the goal isn't met.  

I donated to the campaign @agotoronto! I missed the exhibition when it was here last time so can't wait to see the permanent installation! #toronto #art #culture

November 23, 2018

Check this #Art & #Gallery news from @agotoronto 👇🏾

November 23, 2018

Omg that’s so exciting. I went to the exhibit and it was fabbbb

November 23, 2018

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If things do turn out for the best, you can expect to meet the Infinity Room come Spring 2019. Thankfully, you have all the time in the world to see it this time around.