Girl Scout Cookies Donuts Are Totally A Thing At This Elaborate North Atlanta Shop

They have Girl Scout Cookie ice cream too.
Donuts In Atlanta Include These Limited Edition Girl Scout Cookie Flavors

When you answer an unexpected knock at your door and find a Girl Scout ready to sell you cookies, your heart probably fills with joy. If you're willing to whip out your wallet at the mere thought of some thin mints, then you're in luck. You can also get your hands on these rare Girls Scout Cookie donuts in Atlanta.

Scream'n Nuts, an Alpharetta creamery, coffee shop and "donuttery", is totally on top of a genius collab because they're now serving up a concoction of many sweet lovers' dreams: Girl Scout Cookie donuts.

When you mix two super sweet desserts together, you get some real mouthwatering double trouble.

On Sunday, February 23, Screamn'n Nuts announced that they will be serving a brand new way to enjoy some of America's favorite cookies - loaded on top of a freshly-baked donut

Donut expert and Scream'n Nuts employee, Olivia Banford, gave Narcity the low-down on these sweet treats, which are all crafted with yeast donuts.

You can choose from Samoa, Thin Mint and Tagalong. The Samoa selection has a chocolate base with hard-set chocolate on the bottom with caramel buttercream, toasted coconut and caramel drizzle on top.

The thin mint is covered in a mint chocolate ganache and the Tagalong comes with a milk chocolate ganache glaze, peanut butter buttercream and shortbread streusel. 

Each of the fried dough desserts comes with the actual respective cookie as a garnish (the icing on the cake, if you will).

Olivia told Narcity that the bakery has hundreds of cookies, so these limited-time donuts will be available until they run out.

The Girl Scout Cookie excitement doesn't end at donuts - they've got them in ice cream form too. Thin Mint is currently the only option available, but Samoas and Tagalong will join the herd hopefully later this week, according to Liv.

Stay posted on their Instagram page for updates! You may also want to check out their famous donut ice cream cones or loaded donut shakes.

If you're up for the Scream'n Nuts challenge, you can attempt to shovel down 13 scoops of ice cream, 13 donuts and a handful of "signature donut cherries" aka mini donuts, with a 30-minute time limit.

The challenge costs $48, but is actually valued at $98.05 so technically its a sweet deal. However, if you're able to complete it, you get it all for free, along with a t-shirt.

While many have tried this challenge, only food challenge Youtubers Randy Santel and Matt "Hungry" Hazzard have successfully completed this monstrous dessert. 

If you find yourself craving more girl scout cookies and you want some boxes of your own, you can grab some through March 14 at the Shed at Ponce City Market. 

Scream'n Nuts

Price: 💸

Address: 5950 North Point Pkwy. #129, Alpharetta, GA

Why You Need To Go: Get your girl scout cookie fix in a creative way that's sweeter than ever.