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DoorDash Is Offering $0 Delivery On First Orders For New Canadian Customers Right Now

This is obviously very good news for those (read: all) of us at home.

For those of us who are strapped for both food and extra spending money - so, everyone, basically - here's a bit of good news to brighten your day. As of right now, food delivery app DoorDash is offering $0 delivery to new customers throughout Canada!

The $0 delivery promotion applies only to brand new customers for your first order, and kicks in once your cart hits either $10 or $15. 

All you need to do is register, pick your favourite meal(s), and the delivery fee should be waived automatically at checkout. 

It's also ongoing for now, meaning you can take advantage of this offer for an indefinite amount of time - as long as you're a first-time customer and it's your first order. 

This is obviously very good news for those (read: all) of us at home, unable to eat at the restaurants we love and/or unmotivated to cook.

The app features well-loved international restaurants, like Krispy Kreme Donuts and A&W. 

But it's also full of local favourites. Depending on where you are in Canada, you can enjoy some poutine from Montreal's La Belle Province, tasty dumplings from Toronto's Mother's Dumplings, or even a steaming bowl of Pho from Pho Japolo in Vancouver.

All for (and I can't stress this enough) absolutely $0 in delivery fees. 

And, hey, if you're feeling like you're lacking social interaction, don't forget, you and a friend can always take advantage of this opportunity to virtually "share" a meal via your favourite video chatting service.

Order some bubble tea to enjoy together over FaceTime; go on a Zoom date and pick your meals from the same romantic pizza spot; or order some Starbucks along with your coworkers, hop on a Google Meet, and pretend you're all working from a coffee shop.

If you're creative, the sky's the limit. 

Truly, is a pretty solid way to reinforce your social distancing techniques without having to sacrifice eating out

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