Following their recent election, Alberta voted in the United Conservative Party, led by Jason Kenney. To celebrate the recent victory, Ontario Premier Doug Ford met with Jason Kenney in Ontario to tackle all sorts of subjects like their shared hatred of the carbon tax. 

The two leaders actually have a lot in common. For example, they are both male and in their fifties. As for politics, they are obviously both Conservatives. They share a lot the same views too, like being against the carbon tax and both in favour of being "open for business." The slogan was first used by Doug Ford to encourage US business in Ontario and Kenney adopted it for Alberta during his own campaign. 

At their meeting this morning, CTV reports that Doug Ford said Jason Kenney is a great ally for him and Ontario and that the people of Alberta are really lucky to have him. Meanwhile, Kenney thanked Doug Ford for supporting the pipelines and his economic messaging. 

The meeting was of course accompanied by a media presence, and what is essentially a photoshoot of the two premiers, smiling and shaking hands. It looks like the start of a budding friendship, but unfortunately for Ford and Kenney, people can't stop making fun of them. 

In response to a picture of this morning's meeting, tweeted out by a political reporter, people are ripping the two premiers and their budding friendship apart. Fortunately, some of the comments are actually hilarious. 

The meeting with Doug Ford this morning comes one day after Jason Kenney was at Parliament Hill in Ottawa to meet with Justin Trudeau. Kenney took office as Premier of Alberta, just a few days ago on April 30.