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Doug Ford And John Tory Are In A Huge Funding Feud And They're Bringing The Public Into It

The two have been feuding over the provincial cuts that are being implemented on the city of Toronto.
Ontario Editor
Doug Ford And John Tory Are In A Huge Funding Feud And They're Bringing The Public Into It

If you've been following Ford's reign as Premier of Ontario, you've noticed by now that he's been making a variety of cuts around the province in attempts to bring Ontario out of debt. However, as Ford continued to make cuts to Toronto tourism, health care, and education, Toronto mayor John Tory seems to be taking it pretty personally. Yesterday, Tory released a petition to stop the cuts that Ford is making on the city which has launched the pair into a massive funding feud. 

Tory took to Twitter yesterday to attack the Ontario Premier by stating that he's 'standing up for Toronto," However, instead of standing up alone, he decided to create a petition that the public can sign. 

John Tory's petition, titled "Stop the Cuts" is demanding that Ford reverses the funding cuts that have already been made throughout the city. Tory states that Ontario has made about $177 million worth of cuts that are directly targetting the city of Toronto. 

Tory says that this year alone $65 million will be cut for Toronto Public Health, $84.8 million for Children’s Services, $3.85 million for the Toronto Paramedic Services and $24 million for the cancellation of committed Provincial Gas Tax Funding.

Since the announcement of the petition yesterday, it has already gotten over 14,00 signatures to stop the cuts that Ford's government is implementing on the city. 

In a statement to City News, Tory states that he believed “launching a petition is necessary to help draw peoples attention to these cuts before they happen so that they can add their voice to this campaign and urge their local MPPs to stand up for Toronto,”.

Since the release of Tory's petition yesterday, Doug Ford has fought back by releasing a statement of his own that was directed to Tory and his petition. 

In his statement, Ford points the blame directly on Tory, stating the city of Toronto budget has increased by 40% since Tory has taken office. 

Ford plays just as dirty as Tory, stating that “with the right leadership, savings in these areas can be found," and that "everyday families are forced to budget and save across Ontario and there is no reason why John Tory can’t do the same thing."

He also stated that Tory should "roll up his sleeves and do that hard work necessary to find savings". 

Tory has yet to release a statement regarding Ford's comeback but in a Tweet this morning shared his petition and encouraged Torontonians to "make your voice heard."

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