Ford And Trudeau Had A Phone Call After The Election & This Is What Went Down

No you hang up first.
Doug Ford And Justin Trudeau Had A Phone Conversation & This Is What They Said

Doug Ford had been seemingly absent for much of the campaign during the Canadian Federal Election, but now with the newly elected Liberal minority government, Ford is back out in the light of the day and speaking with the Prime Minister. Doug Ford and Justin Trudeau reportedly had a phone conversation where the Ontario premier promised to work with the federal government.

In an interview with Newstalk 580 CFRA, Ford said that he had told Trudeau that now was the time to put politics aside and figure out how to work together.

"I did tell him, 'enough with the politics now,'" Ford said. "'We’ve got to get down to work and people expect us to work together,' and he agreed."

Despite using Ford's provincial policies as reason not to vote Conservative, Justin Trudeau did promise to work with Ford in the future.

"We will keep on working with Mr. Ford and with all provincial premiers interested in working with us," Trudeau said in a press conference, according to CBC News. During that time, he also described their phone call as "very cordial."

However, during his interview with Newstalk 580 CFRA, Ford once again promised to fight back against the federal carbon tax, something that he has opposed from the very beginning.

"I just don't believe we should put a tax on the backs of hard-working people and tax on business, Ford said. "We have to be competitive, and I'll tell you, if this carbon tax goes through, we'll be paying $1.60 like they are out west for a litre of gas."

It should be noted that the carbon tax has been in place since April 2019.

Despite both leaders saying that they had a pleasant conversation, Ford said during his interview that the country is more divided than ever, a talking point that Conservatives have been using since the day after the election.

"Right now our country, after this election, is divided from coast to coast," Ford said, bringing up his relationships with premiers Scott Moe, Jason Kenney, Blaine Higgs, and Franćois Legault. "They’re great premiers, but they’re frustrated right now. We’re going to be there to unite the country and make sure we move forward united instead of divided."

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