Ford Says His Phone Is Blowing Up With Calls From Ontarians Checking In On Him

Such a Canadian response!
Doug Ford Says He's Getting Hundreds Of Messages From Ontarians Every Day

In true Canadian nature, it sounds like Ontarians are checking up on their leader. Premier Doug Ford gave a press briefing on Thursday, April 2, and ended it by revealing that he is currently fielding "hundreds and hundreds" of text messages and calls every day from concerned residents. He took the chance to thank everyone for reaching out during this difficult time and apologizes for not being able to answer.

As Ford gave updates on the COVID-19 situation in Ontario, he made sure to take the last few minutes of the briefing to thank those who have reached out to him and acknowledge the messages he's received.

"We pride ourselves, our family, my brother, myself on returning calls and somehow my number is out there and I'm getting hundreds and hundreds of messages and calls," Ford told reporters on Thursday.

As Premier of Ontario, dealing with a state of emergency and making sure residents are kept informed, it's hardly surprising the provincial PC leader hasn't found time to get back to people.

But he made sure to shout out the people who have been messaging him during his briefing.

"I appreciate people calling to check up on myself and my family, we're so grateful. And I apologize if I can't get back to you, it's not personal because I pride myself on getting back. But I have to be focused 100% at this task, so please don't be offended," he added.

Ford's government efforts have been used to their fullest over the last couple of weeks, especially for shoppers looking to purchase their home necessities.

After firing up a site to call out "price gougers" in the province, the early response has been overwhelming with about 7,400 complaints.

And it seems Ford, along with thousands of restaurant owners in the province, is absolutely saddened by the news that many restaurants may never open their doors to the public again.

Around 300,000 food service workers are thought to have lost their jobs in Ontario. 

And, with social distancing orders coming into play in the province, hopes of restaurant dining any time soon seem a far off wish.

Toronto is already taking strong measures to prevent others from disobeying social distancing rules like using giant cement blocks to prevent entry into several locations across the city.

Some stores in the 6ix are even boarding up their store windows, including the Eaton Centre.

Tomorrow, on Friday, Ford and Ontario staff will deliver their projections for where we go from here.