Doug Ford Insists Ontarians Still Support Him And People Definitely Have Thoughts

The Premier's latest comments have got people talking, again.
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Doug Ford Insists Ontarians Still Support Him And People Definitely Have Thoughts

Ontario Premier Doug Ford has a Twitter bio that reads "For The People," but the people might not be for him. Ford insists that Ontarians are still behind him as leader of the province, but people aren't all that convinced. His comments about his favourability with Ontarians led to a string of tweets from people disagreeing with him.

"The people out there when I go from town to town - and I'm all over the province - people come up to me and the number one comment is: 'Keep going, ignore the media,'" Ford said in an interview on Tuesday with Lorne Brooker, a Belleville radio host.

Ford criticized not only media outlets but unions and special interest groups in the interview. 

Contrary to Ford's assertions, a poll released earlier this month showed that 60 percent of respondents said their opinion of Ford made them less likely to vote for Conservative leader Andrew Scheer in the upcoming federal election.

This doesn't come as a shock, since it's been reported as recently as June that Ford's approval rating with Ontarians is the second-lowest amongst all premiers at just 29 per cent. Two months ago, a poll by Mainstreet Research had found that Ford's popularity was dropping.

It seems unsurprising, then, that Ford's insistence that the province remains behind him has rubbed people the wrong way.

"Is this province better off now than we were a year ago? We're not a little better off, we're a thousand times better off," he said in the interview.

And while plenty of people definitely don't agree, some are coming to the premier's defence. 

It's worth noting that Ford's approval rating in May, less than a year after being sworn in as premier, was worse than former premier Kathleen Wynne's approval rating was right before the election. 

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