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Doug Ford's Cheesecake Chat Was The Star Of Monday's Live Ontario Briefing

Everyone's a baker these days! With more time to get creative at home, Ontario's Premier has certainly crafted his baking skills and apparently Doug Ford's cheesecake is something to behold. Ford spoke with reporters during his daily briefing, discussing flour and yeast shortages on shelves and even letting viewers know about his own cherry cheesecake, which he calls "the best."

As Ford discussed what were supposed to be his thoughts on family visits being limited to only the immediate family, he got rather sidetracked and ended up bringing up the fact that more Ontarians are apparently baking.

The Premier even noted that he will be looking into flour and yeast shortages before sharing that he knows how to make the best cheesecake without even using a recipe.

“As people are home, people are gonna do a lot of baking and as they’re baking, they’re gonna need the supplies,” said Ford during the live briefing.

“By the way, before I jump, I make the best cherry cheesecake ever. I do it from scratch, no recipe, I got it down."

Ford did jokingly admit that he may have indulged in "one too many" of his homemade treats.

"And again you can tell I’ve eaten one too many cheesecakes, that’s my problem,” the Premier added, glancing down at his stomach.

When it comes to ranking his cheesecake up there with the best, though, it seems he's pretty serious.

It was certainly a lighthearted and unexpected diversion during a briefing in which Ford also discussed serious topics like retail businesses reopening and the potential back-to-school timeline.

It sounds like Ford's not the only Ontario resident filling their time with some home baking at the moment.

Last month, Canada's Wonderland even released its iconic funnel cake recipe to give the province's new home bakers something special to work on.

As for the rest of Canada, if you're trying to bake, you probably have noticed a different look of Robin Hood flour.

Apparently, so many people in the country are baking that they had to change their packaging to keep up with demand.

It remains to be seen how Ontario reopening many retail stores from this week will affect the province's home-baking rates.

But it sounds like DIY baking might have peaked with Ford's cherry cheesecake, anyway.

At least, if his own account is anything to judge by.

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