Doug Ford has been flying under the radar since the federal election campaign launched last month. Yet, the provincial leader finally decided to speak out on Wednesday from Kenora, Ontario and responded to Justin Trudeau's criticisms in the funniest way. Doug Ford's federal election comments have been his second time talking to the media since mid-September, and he had some words for the prime minister. "I think the guy loves me or something, because he constantly mentions my name," Ford said of Trudeau in the press conference. "But that's politics."Ford seems to be staying out of the campaign as a whole and has notably not been promoting for fellow Conservative leader Andrew Scheer.Ford says he's been too busy governing Ontario to participate in the federal election campaign, CBC reports. He also clarified that he will not be participating in any election-related drama, no matter how much people are expecting him to."I know you want to see me scrap it out with the feds," Ford told reporters. "I'm just not going to do it."This was during a press conference that was centred around infrastructure developments the Ontario PC party was making in Northern Ontario. He briefly made comments about the election campaign before shifting focus to the Ontario line and CUPE strike aversion, which are his government's most recent accomplishments. 

"When it comes to Justin Trudeau, he has a race to run along with the other leaders, and I'm focused on governing," the premier said in a clip from Global News. "I'm not focused on campaigning. I respect that they're out there campaigning." He also said "good luck to him," referring to Trudeau. 

Ford also mentioned that Ontario would "work with whoever gets elected."

After a fairly composed response to his haters on the federal level, Ford left the conference while blowing a kiss to education protestors who were outside. 

While Ford has remained relatively quiet throughout the federal elections, he did respond to Trudeau's blackface scandal earlier this fall, stating that he "wouldn't be that stupid."

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