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Ford Thinks Ontario Has So Many Jobs He Wants To Give Them Away To Americans

Doug Ford says there are too many jobs in Ontario to fill.
Ford Thinks Ontario Has So Many Jobs He Wants To Give Them Away To Americans

Doug Ford made his way to New York City this week. Ford and his Minister of Finance, Vic Fedeli were in the Big Apple "to meet with key leaders to promote Ontario as an investment destination and strengthen job-creating partnerships." While in New York, Ford made an appearance on an American news talk show that airs on Fox News. Today, Doug Ford's Fox News appearance is getting all kinds of attention for many reasons.

During his appearance, in which he sat down with conservative political commentator Stuart Varney, Ford invited unemployed Americans looking for work to "come on up" to Toronto where the premier assured there were plenty of jobs to go around.

"Actually Stuart, we have so many jobs right now in Ontario, we don't have enough people to fill the jobs," he said. "So if you know of any good people on Fox, come on up to Toronto, Ontario and we'll put you to work." Here's the clip:

Yup, you read that right. On US national television, Doug Ford told Americans, particularly those who work at Fox News, that there are so many jobs in Toronto right now and implied that all you have to do is show up and you'll be set.

Now, it is worth noting that Ford does appear to be at least half joking when he makes the statement. However, given the context of the conversation, it really does seem that Ford means what he says when he talks about the need for Ontario to fill its available jobs.

Ford called out Justin Trudeau in the interview, denouncing the new federal carbon tax Trudeau has imposed on Canada. Varney also compared Ford's style to the likes of Donald Trump, which premier quickly dismissed stating that his team had "been in politics long before the president."

The interview concluded with Varney heaping praise at Ontario and Ford exclaiming, "Let's get Fox up to Canada!" To which many Ontarians would likely respond with, "Let's not."