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Doug Ford's Video Of Lecturing Kids On Phones Is Getting Compared To The Trailer Park Boys

Ford drew a comparison to everyone's favorite high school dropout.

If there is one thing that politicians usually strive to be, its relatable. If you’re truly for the people, then you want them to feel like you are one of them. Love him or hate him, Doug Ford has always tried to maintain the idea that he is fighting for working-class Canadians and has done his best to present himself on the same level as his supporters. However, his latest attempt to do so is causing a pretty hilarious reaction online.

Doug Ford recently took to Twitter to share a clip of himself lecturing some students on the importance of keeping their phones out of the classroom. So, how did he film this video? Did he stand at a podium in a gymnasium and lecture these kids on the importance of phone restrictions? No, instead the Ontario leader grabbed a hockey net and filmed the whole thing on the go.

In the less than 10-second clip, Ford can be heard telling the kids, “you guys shouldn’t be on the phones in class, you should be learning you can have the phones after.” The video cuts out as Ford, and the students walk off together, presumably to play some street hockey or perhaps to resupply the school’s gymnasium.

Twitter users were quick to point out a similarity between Ford’s interaction with the kids and another Canadian icon.

To some, the picturesque scene looked to be right out of an episode of Trailer Park Boys, the decade-spanning Canadian comedy that follows the adventures of three hash dealers trying to make it in the world.

“Definitely one of my top five favourite episodes of Trailer Park Boys,” wrote one user while comparing the clip to the classic show. “Advice from the high school dope dealer,” wrote another in what seems to be a reference to Ricky, one of the main character’s occupation on the show.

Also, some people couldn't help but see Adam Sandler in Billy  Madison:

Being compared to everyone’s favourite trailer park hoodlums isn’t the first time Ford has been the brunt of the joke.

I mean, there is an entire Instagram dedicated to him looking at things. At this point, you have to assume that he’s probably used to it.

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