Doug Ford Is Even Being Grilled By His Nephew Over Ontario Closures

The Premier faces tough questions... from his 12-year-old nephew.
Doug Ford's Nephew Is Even Quizzing His Uncle Over Ontario's Potential Reopenings

The questions never stop when you're Premier of Ontario. Provincial staff gave their latest press briefing on the state of COVID-19 on Tuesday, April 21. And it turns out not only are reporters asking tough questions, but so is Doug Ford's nephew.

Ford was speaking on Tuesday about the potential timeline for Ontario reopening, among other things.

"I really can't [give details] right now, I'd rather just wait a few days. But again, I'm getting endless calls about opening up," he shared, when asked about which stores could potentially reopen, and when.

And he revealed that even his 12-year-old nephew is grilling him over when he'll be allowed back out.

Camping season is just a few months away and his young nephew and namesake, the late Rob Ford's son Doug, just wants to know if he'll be able to go to his summer camp in August.

"On a side note, I even got a call from Rob's son, 12 years old, saying 'Uncle Doug, am I going to camp or not?'" Doug Ford Sr. told reporters.

"I told him 'I can't answer that.' He said 'Well how about in August?' I said 'I can't answer that.' He said 'Well, find out and get back to me right away!'" Ford added, to roaring laughter from the gathered reporters.

"I thought 'Really, I'm getting lobbied by my 12-year-old nephew too?'" said a chuckling Ford. 

It seems lots of people in the province are starting to wonder when things might start getting back off the ground again.

But Ford has reiterated that although kids (and adults) may be excited about reopenings, their health and that of everyone in the province comes first.

"That's important to people," Ford said of summer escapism.

"There are thousands of kids that their biggest highlight of the summer was going to camp, and it weighs on their minds. So we're going to do everything we can, but No. 1 is making sure we protect the health of the people of Ontario," he stressed.

Just a day ago, Ontario health officials provided an update of their COVID-19 model and revealed the province is currently facing something akin to a "best-case scenario" after cases peaked.

Thanking the recent orders and measures put in place across the province, City of Toronto staff have also noticed a decline in cases affected by community spread as many people stay indoors.

One city, Kingston, is hoping to open their economy back up but the odds of that happening may be slim in Ford's eyes.

A few more months of social distancing is more than likely, staff have repeatedly stated.

Sorry, Doug Jr. That summer camp dream might have to wait this year.