Doug Ford Just Disconnected The Cell Phone Number Ontarians Could Use To Call Him

The Ontario Premier has always prided himself on being contactable...
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Doug Ford Just Disconnected The Cell Phone Number Ontarians Could Use To Call Him

Do you ever get those days when you just want to turn off your notifications, switch off your phone and ignore the whole world? Ontario's premier does. Doug Ford's phone number was disconnected this past week. The need to disconnect is a feeling most people have experienced at least once before, and it can be a relaxing and satisfactory way to switch off every now and then. For most people, there’s no problem with this. That is, unless, you happen to be the premier of a pretty big province. All eyes on you, Doug Ford!

According to new reports, Doug Ford cancelled his cell phone, which means members of his province are now unable to contact him or call him. The reason for the cancellation, according to Ford’s office, is because he was being ‘inundated’ with calls from ‘special interest groups’ on the cell phone.

Ford’s decision to cut off his phone is particularly frustrating for many Ontarians, as Ford has always prided himself on being a very contactable person. He has personally given out his cell phone number for months, and has always promised that it is a way for Ontarians across the province to contact him directly, should they ever need to.

It seems to be something that runs in the family, as Doug Ford has followed in his brother's footsteps when it comes to giving out his phone number. Doug’s younger brother, the late mayor Rob Ford, was well-known for handing out his home phone number and speaking to the public at all hours of the day or night. Unfortunately, it seems his older brother hasn’t quite managed to stick to his word in the same way.

According to his office, Ford cancelled his cell phone earlier this week, on Tuesday, after certain groups made the phone impossible to use. While Ford is still contactable through his official channels, such as his general email and office phone number, Ontarians are not satisfied.

As Ford is known for often giving out his cell phone number at both public and private events, and for actively encouraging people in the province to contact him directly, many people feel that the premier should stick to his word. 

Residents of Ontario and Canada in general took to Twitter when the news broke on Wednesday, to express their frustration with the uncontactable premier.

Canadians were first made aware that Ford’s cell phone didn’t seem to be taking calls when one Twitter user shared a video of her trying to contact the premier. In the video, she attempts to call Doug Ford, and the line does not connect. Calls to his phone number were met with an automated message that said the line is no longer in service.

Once the video was posted, many frustrated Ontarians took to the same social media platform to respond.

Doug Ford is yet to make an official announcement himself regarding the cancellation of his public cell-phone.

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