Dr. Deena Hinshaw Has Tested Negative For COVID-19 & Her Albertan Fans Are Celebrating

She is back to work as of now!
Dr. Deena Hinshaw Has Tested Negative For COVID-19 & Her Albertan Fans Are Celebrating

This doctor has got a serious fan club. Alberta's chief medical officer, Dr. Deena Hinshaw, had many Albertans feeling concerned when she said that she was going to test for COVID-19 after coming down with a cold. Just one day later, Dr. Deena Hinshaw announced on Tuesday, March 17, that she has tested negative for the novel coronavirus. And as a result, Albertans are sharing their excitement on social media. 

As we collectively cope with the pandemic, some people are developing attachments to our local health officials who we're seeing on the news on a daily basis.

Dr. Deena Hinshaw has garnered a whole lot of praise and positive responses from the public since the beginning of the COVID-19 outbreak. Her community of support is made clear on social media. 

Albertans have gotten to know her through her daily press conferences, in which she and other members of the Alberta government update the public regarding the latest provincial developments

On Monday, March 16, she announced in a tweet that she was in self-isolation and had gotten tested for COVID-19 after experiencing symptoms of the common cold. 

After being tested, it turns out that it was just a false alarm, and that Dr. Hinshaw probably just has a cold, after all. 

She said in her tweet, "The results of my test have come back negative for COVID-19. This morning, I returned to work in person after self-isolating. I would like to thank all those who reached out and sent me your well wishes."

She also added in the same thread that no one is exempt from staying home if they're sick, even if they're showing the mildest symptoms. 

This announcement has led many Albertans to take to social media to express their delight as well as convey their admiration for the woman who's essentially become the face of Alberta's response to COVID-19

One user tweeted, "Fantastic! I know I speak for a number of people when I say we appreciate your calm demeanour and professionalism during this difficult time. All the best to you and your family."

Another user expressed their gratitude to Hinshaw, saying, "SO happy to hear that your test came back negative. Thank you so much Dr. Hinshaw for everything you are doing for Albertans. You are truly the calm we all need. Thank you for your caring, compassionate, and courageous leadership."

This user mentioned how impressed they are by their chief medical officer, saying, "So impressed by how you are handling this whole event Dr. Hinshaw, glad to hear the test results. Keep safe."

Someone else reacted positively, exclaiming, "Great news!!! Love your calm nature when updating us daily!!!"

One Twitter user said how she serves as a hero in the community, "Great news! Just as an FYI, you are the hero spokesman for all of us essential service. Great job. Thank you to all the doctors, nurses, AHS, public servants, child protection and other essential services. Grocery staff and delivery drivers too, thank you!" 

If those kind words weren't enough, a few of them took to posting GIFs to convey their true feelings.

With such a warm reception to this development, we're just waiting for her to get her own fan account