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Dr. Theresa Tam Is Still Preaching Hand Washing After 101 Days Of COVID-19 In Canada

It's never too late for a refresher on handwashing. Even after dealing with COVID-19 for over 100 days, Canadians are still getting lessons on hand hygiene from Dr. Theresa Tam. She took yet another opportunity to remind everyone how important clean hands are during this time.

In a May 5 Twitter thread, Dr. Tam emphasized just how crucial handwashing is in not only preventing illness, but also killing the coronavirus.

"Did you know that #handwashing with soap & water destroysthe novel #coronavirus that causes #COVID19?" she wrote, "Soap molecules are attracted to fat so they get into the virus’ shell (made of fat & protein), then break it apart."

The virus then disintegrates into the water and gets flushed down the drain.

Tam also assured people that they don't even need any kind of specialty soap or ones specifically labelled as being antibacterial. She said that any soap will do the job.

"What you do need, is the right amount of time and care to rub the soap all over every part of your hands," she continued, "that’s why you should #WashYourHands for at least 20 seconds."

Proper handwashing technique has become more widely known in the wake of the global pandemic, as health officials urge people to keep their hands clean in order to prevent further spread.

Canada's Chief Public Health Officer even included a very short tutorial in one of her tweets, writing "For best results, 1st rinse with a bit of water, then rub or dispense soap & rub all over hands for 20 seconds – back of hands, front of hands, between fingers, finger tips & don’t forget your thumbs & nails. Then rinse and dry your hands well."

She even provided a link to the website, where you can make your own handwashing poster with your favourite song.

Tam concluded by acknowledging the effectiveness of hand sanitizers, but noted that because these have to be at least 60 percent alcohol and need to be rubbed in until dry, it just makes more sense to wash your hands.