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Two Kids From Ontario Just Scored The Deal Of A Lifetime On "Dragons' Den"

They even got their future University tuition paid for!

Think back to when you were eight years old. Your life probably involved a lot of homework, playing with toys, and dreaming up Christmas lists in the middle of July. But for these two sisters from Ontario, their childhood just got a little more interesting. An 8 and 10-year-old were just given a Dragons' Den Canada $20,000 deal.  

Fatima and Amna Sultan founded their business "Two Sisters on a Mission" while abroad building 100 libraries around the world. 

After meeting first nations artist Jason Fobister, the two sisters took it upon themselves to make their new mission one that would allow his artwork to be shared around the world. 

Fatima told the Dragons that they, "had to bring his art to the world and his message of love and respect and believing in yourself had to be heard." 

They became an art dealership after that day, purchasing the original pieces only to make copies of the artwork to put up for sale. 

10 percent of the proceeds are returned to their original artists. 

The sisters have already made a total of $10 000 since starting their business 5 months ago. 

They've also recruited a series of other artists that include, Daviel Galan and Yasmani Hasan from Cuba and Boon Choo from Thailand. Each artist has something unique to their artwork like braille, and work completed with one hand. 

When discussing the other artists, Fatima let the dragons know that "By bringing their art to the world, we are sending the message that they are enough." 

Their episode aired on CBC October 24th and their pitch was so well delivered and full of emotion that they received offers from all six dragons. 

In the end, Guzzo's was the $20,000 deal the Canadian sisters took. 

Their offers didn't end in the den.

They were later promised their entire university tuition would be paid by another dragon, Lane Merrifield. 

These two sisters are experiencing a childhood entirely unique to them and they deserve it. 

You can visit their website and browse the artwork here. 

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