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Drake Accused This Luxury Canadian Casino Of Racially Profiling Him On Friday Night And Here's What Happened

A BC casino is conducting an investigation after Canadian musician, Drake, claimed he was racially profiled on Friday night.
Drake Accused This Luxury Canadian Casino Of Racially Profiling Him On Friday Night And Here's What Happened

If you're from Canada you know how many Canadians love Drake because of his loyalty to his home and native land. In case you live under a rock, the Torontonian rapper, born Aubrey Graham, typically only gives love to his city and country, but a new experience this weekend left Drake feeling pretty upset in Canada. 

Drake called out a casino located inside of the luxury hotel Parq Vancouver, for racial profiling after an incident on Friday night. The musician claimed in an Instagram story that he was blocked from gambling at the casino on Friday under tight gambling regulations. 

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I guess the folks over at Parq aren’t huge Drake fans? 😬😬

November 3, 2018

Drake called out Parq Vancouver blatantly, claiming that it was the "worst run business" he had ever witnessed. Parq Vancouver is not only a casino in the downtown core of Vancouver, but it's also inside of a luxury resort that hosts two hotels as well. 

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He continued ripping on Parq Vancouver by stating that not being allowed to gamble was unjustified because the musician "had everything needed" to be verified in the casino. That's why the musician is claiming that this incidenthas to do with profiling more than anything. 

When the sun hits just right. Photo: @momaani

July 31, 2018

After Drake called out the casino, they issued not one, but two statements on Saturday, November 4th regarding the incident. The first statement was released at 11:50 AM and stated "Parq Vancouver is sorry to hear about this experience and takes these matters very seriously. We are required to adhere to strict regulations with respect to gaming in British Columbia. We are actively investigating this matter and have made several efforts to reach out to the customer and his team to discuss the issue. We are committed to having a productive conversation to resolve this issue."

Just over five hours later at 5:30 PM, Parq issued a second statement that addressed the racial profiling claims. The statement said that customers "may be aware of a situation at our casino last night. On behalf of Parq Vancouver we would like to apologize for the experience our customer had. We are operating in one of the most complex, highly regulated industries and are always looking to better our communication and customer service. We are constantly improving our communications process to ensure that these new regulations are better understood by all guests. We categorically stand against racism of any kind. We are committed to providing a safe, secure and enjoyable experience for all."

Drake is lying according to a Parq employee

November 4, 2018

An employee of the casino actually took to Reddit to explain why they believe Drake is lying about the situation. According to the employee, a new rule requiring the source of funds to be proven may have been the reason the musician was blocked from the casino. 

The employee further explained that if Parq had allowed Drake to gamble at the casino they could have lost their license in the long run.  

Parq Vancouver's Instagram account was disabled last night. We are currently investigating and working to get it back online as soon as possible.

November 4, 2018

According to the casino's twittertheir Instagram page has also been disabled since the accusations were made. After Drake claimed the BC casino profiled him, fans were very vocal on Twitter. 

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Some fans even spoke up on Parq's reviews on Google, claiming that everything Drake had said was true. 

@Drake cant wait to see ya perform tomorrow in my city and fuck #parq casino

November 4, 2018

You must have some of the most incompetent morons that work at that casino ? Like honestly you don’t recognize who drake is ?? Maybe if it was Justin Bieber it would of been a different story . Drake is most likely worth more then your casino is anyways ..shame on you parq casino

November 4, 2018

Parq casino fucked up drake is known to gamble 100k in one night.

November 4, 2018

@parqvancouverbc @Drake drake fans leaving negative comments after drake was racially profile at casino. Parq y’all did this to yourself lol. Drake fans won’t stop lol #drake #parqvancouverbc #racial #profile #tmz #TwitterMoment

November 4, 2018

Considering how many different sides of this story are quickly emerging, it'll be interesting to see how the investigation into Friday's incident actually unfolds. 

Drake is known for hitting up casinos around the world and can regularly be seen having wild nights with friends. Recently he lost $200,000 while spending some time in Atlantic City casinos in New Jersey.