Teenagers over the years have come up with traditions when it comes to relationships. Like when Danny Zuko tried to give Sandy Olsson his ring in Grease or when letterman jackets are exchanged between couples. Wearing another person's school merchandise has become a symbol for dating in society. However, Drake might not have realized how popular the tradition is. After his recent Instagram post, Drake and Kylie Jenner's relationship may have been taken to the next level.

Although it's been years now since either celeb has been in school, a recent photo of Drake shows him repping a sweater with the name "Sierra Canyon" written across it. 

This just happens to be the name of the high school Kylie Jenner attended as a teenager. 

That's not the only suspicious aspect of the photo that could be hinting at a relationship between the two.

In the picture, he's sipping on a drink, but the big hint comes in the form of the Nike hat on his head. The plain white Nike cap is stained with a lipstick kiss. 

The caption for the photo reads, "💋." 

The Canadian rapper has always been close with the Kardashian clan, but rumours between Jenner and Drake started back in November after her breakup with baby daddy Travis Scott. 

While there has been a lot of back and forth information from sources about whether or not the two are romantically involved, the most recent source revealed to InTouch that the two have been "flirting for years." 

Another more recent source even admitted that "they nearly became an item eight months ago." 

With things no doubt complicated because of Travis Scott's involvement in Jenner's life, a source for Scott confirmed that the fellow artist has "no ill will to any of Kylie's friends," which could be read as being about Drake.

While the couple may be getting support from friends and maybe even from Scott himself, there could be one person in Jenner's life who may reject the coupling. 

Kim Kardashian's husband, Kanye West, has run into trouble with Drake before, so who knows what he's feeling about their supposed relationship. 

However, if everything goes well, seeing Drake make an appearance on Keeping Up with the Kardashians could be everything. 

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