Drake and Migos gave their first show in Kansas City over the weekend, the first stop on their North American tour, "Aubrey And The Three Migos." After pushing the tour back by two weeks and rearranging a bunch of Canadian dates, its safe to say that they successfully redeemed themselves.

In a single show, Drake and Migos managed to incorporate a floating yellow Ferrari, a  whopping 62-song setlist, and a basketball "half-court challenge" with a thousand dollar prize.

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August 13, 2018

Drake brings a fan onstage to do a basketball shooting challenge. #AATTM pic.twitter.com/zi0MAiW5Mu

August 13, 2018

According to Billboard, Drake invited a fan on stage to take a shot at half-court, who claimed a $1,750 prize courtesy of the 6ix God himself.

As most fans already know, Drake tends to go above and beyond. So, it's no surprise that Drake's portion of the setlist is 44 songs, twice as long as Migos' 18-song set. Keep in mind that Migos is made up of three members, and Drake is a solo act.

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Granted, a few songs from Drake's set will also feature Migos, like "Walk It, Talk It" and "Versace." Drake also pays tribute to pop legend Michael Jackson, with  "Don't Matter To Me" and a rendition of MJ's "Rock With You."

Drake And Migos performing “Versace” together for the first time. pic.twitter.com/28IjvDmCXn

August 13, 2018

Drake's setlist has been curated to perfection, featuring a combination of the rapper's best throwback hits, and the most popular tracks from his new album Scorpion. Including "In My Feelings," of course. The question is, will he surprise the crowd with a Shiggy guest appearance? We really hope so!

Drake and Migos will launch into the Canadian leg of their tour on August 20th, in Drake's home city of Toronto. They'll give three back-to-back shows in the six, followed by a few destinations across the border. 

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Other Canadian stops on the "Aubrey And The Three Migos" tour include Vancouver,  Edmonton and Montreal. Click here to see their full list of dates.

Source: Billboard