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Drake Is Spending New Years Under Fire By Twitter Users Claiming He Disrespected Rihanna

This Canadian rapper spent a lot of 2019s beginnings in the spotlight because of his behaviour on NBA basketball courts, causing controversy throughout the sports league. Now, at the end of the year, he's finding himself in the midst of another controversial situation. Drake, Chris Brown, and Rihanna's past drama was brought up in a recent interview with the 6ix god and his words didn't sit well with some Twitter users. 

Drake was already under fire last week when he dropped his newest music video that included a cameo from the notorious Toronto chair girl. 

Now, the Toronto native is once again in the midst of conflict after sitting down for an interview with Rap Radar where he discussed why and how he was able to put the beef he had with Brown to rest. 

He mentioned that the tension between the two artists was because of a female getting between them, "I think we just both grew up to the point that that person that was in the middle of us is like, no longer a part of either of our lives currently and I have the utmost love and respect for her." 

After the interview was released, Twitter users began to speculate that the female Drake mentioned in his statement was Rihanna. 

He went on to say that "he had a moment of hesitation" before accepting Brown's renewed friendship because he "didn't want her to ever feel disrespected." He thought, however, that because "she's a good person with a good heart" she would want to see them resolve their issues rather than continue being in conflict. 

Due to her former relationship with Brown having a violent end, people on Twitter are upset that Drake could forgive someone who hurt a person he claims to love like family.

One Twitter user wrote, "Drake basically blamed Rihanna for him and Chris Brown not being cool and I just find it to be the funniest thing cause she was not worried about either of them."

Someone even called the Canadian rapper out for his prime being over, "The way Drake gaslighted Rihanna saying "oh she's a good person and she would want us to collab" ??? He's so TRASH. I'm glad he's getting trashed on here on the daily. His heyday is OVER!"

One person just straight out called him out for being "childish and immature."

Whether or not Drake was referencing Rihanna has yet to be confirmed, but fans have jumped on this interview, making this New Year's full of backlash for the artist. 

You can watch Drake's full interview below. 

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